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Caitlan went to the store to buy clothes. She had a store credit from a previous return for $39.58. If she bought 4 of the same styles of shirts in different colors and spent a total of $52.22 after the credit a was taken off of her total, what was the price of each shirt she boughten? Write and solve an equation with integer coefficients.

Hello, Ethan.

$39.58 + $52.22 = $91.80

$91.80/4 = $22.95

Answer: $22.95

Explanation: Caitlan has a store credit for $39.58. That, coupled with the amount that she personally spent out of pocket ($52.22), gives you a grand total of $91.80 for the four shirts.

Finally, divide $91.80 by 4 to give you the cost for each shirt. $91.80/4 = $22.95. (The problem doesn't indicate the different colors or that the colors are priced differently, so we must assume that each color shirt costs the same.)

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