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Hi sir pls help
Mrs jacob bought 3 different coloured shawls for her friends- red, black and grey. There were 3 times as many black as red and grey shawls. There were twice as many red shawls as grey shawls.. Given that there were 10 more red shawls than grey shawls, how many more black shawls than red shawls did Mrs Jacob buy?

Hello, Angel.

This problem can be solved if we write various equations.

First, let's establish some variables.

Let x = number of grey shawls

2x = red shawls


Therefore, the number of grey shawls is 10, the number of red shawls is 20, and the number of black shawls is 90 (3(20+10)).

The question asks how many more black shawls than red shawls Mrs. Jacob buys. The answer is 70. 90-20=70.

I hope this helps. If you need clarification on anything, please ask.


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