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QUESTION: I need help with this I am terrible at math.   After I last wrote you  I decided to downsize some more.   In my dresser draws (all six) I have my underblouses folded upright and in columns so I can see each underblouse (long sleeve blouse that just fits me and goes under the overblouse)  when I open the draws. In my bedroom closet I have a long shelf that has nothing on it. Then I have a half shelf on the right hand side of my bedroom closet with my turtle necks folded neatly. My closet is divided into two parts.  On the left hand side two rails one is located on top of the other, then on the right hand side of my bedroom closet I have a long rail that houses my pants.  The rails are separated by a concrete wall.  I have the pants I could not hang up folded flat in three columns in the back on the floor on the right hand side of my bedroom closet neatly. On the two rails on the left hand side of my bedroom closet I have my overblouses - blouses that are sleeveless and loose and worn over my underblouse. Wicker basket I gave to my mom and there is nothing in it unless she decides to put something in it.

HERE IS MY PROBLEM:  The two rails on the left hand side of my bedroom closet  is 31 inches long.  I can put up to 27 hangers on each rail.  What will hold more blouses: (a) putting more than one overblouse on each hanger; or (b) putting just one overblouse on each hanger?   Reason I am asking is I am planning on buying more overblouses and I am not sure which way to store them to accommodate the ones I add.

THIS IS WHAT I SENT YOU THAT NO LONGER IS IN PLACE - In other words I reorganized which is explains above this: I have a white hope chest 34 inches long and 19 inches long And the rail in my bedroom closet is 31 inches long.  I have blouses I want to hang up on the rail (7 or 8 blouses on each hanger). Also blouses (7 or 8 on each hanger) I want to keep on a hanger and will double them over and put them inside folded over in the white hope chest. Double over means neck meets end.  Is there a way to tell if the white hope chest and the rail would hold the same amount of the hangers with the 7 or 8 blouses on each hanger? I have no idea how to do this mathematically. Just curious how do figure this out.

ANSWER: If I understand correctly, your question is whether you can hang more blouses in one area by putting just one blouse per hanger or putting more than one? The answer is more than one.  If you put 2 per hanger, you might have to put one less hanger, but you still have 15 more blouses hung.

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QUESTION: I meant to tell you the hangers are not wooden or thick they are the plastic kind and very strong. I love your answer but when you look at the link and see the hangers is your answer still the same or can I put one overblouse on each hanger and still acquire the amount I want which is to fill up the entire two rails with overblouses?

Here is a link below: (make sure all the words and numbers are together. If any of the numbers or letters are not together you will not be able to go to the link)

ANSWER: Sorry, I goofed, I was thinking 17 hangers instead of 27.  If you lose one hanger space due to the added thickness of having 2 blouses per hanger, you'll still have 25 more blouses hung.  Even if you have to put on 2 less hangers, you'd still have 23 more blouses hung.  That is per rail, so double those numbers and by double blousing, you can hang 46-50 more blouses than by single blousing.

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QUESTION: Can you explain further? Are you giving me three different scenarios? Or are you saying at the end if I add 25 plus 23 then I will have4 48 in total?

If that is the case then I will single blouse them and see If I can squeeze in more.

I'm saying, if you have space for 54 hangers, 27 on each side of the divider, then you can store 54 blouses if you put on each per hanger.  By putting 2 per hanger, you might have room for 1 or 2 less hangers per side, but, no matter what, you are going to be able to hang more blouses, even if you have to remove one or two, by putting 2 per hanger.

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