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If two people share $1,000 in a ratio of 2 to 3, one person will get 2/5 of $1,000 and the other will get 3/5 of the $1,000.

Can two people share an amount of money in a fractional ratio as in 1/2 to 3/4? instead of 2 to 3 in which whole numbers are used?

I thank you for your reply.

Still not exactly sure what you're asking, but I will give it a shot.  Yes, the ratio can be any amount.  It could be 1.5 or .5 or .2.  It's just not common to use a fraction in what is already a fraction, so instead of 1/2, it would be .5 and 3/4 would be .75.

so your example of $1000 if the ratio were .5/2, that the equivalent of 1/4 so one person would get $200 while the other got $800.  

For that matter, your example could be written as 1/1.66, but it's not common.

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