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I need help with this I am terrible at math
I have a white hope chest 34 inches long and 19 inches long

And the rail in my bedroom closet is 31 inches long.

I have blouses I want to hang up on the rail (7 or 8 blouses on each hanger). Also blouses (7 or 8 on each hanger) I want to keep on a hanger and will double them over and put them inside folded over in the white hope chest. Double over means neck meets end.

Is there a way to tell if the white hope chest and the rail would hold the same amount of the hangers with the 7 or 8 blouses on each hanger? I have no idea how to do this mathematically. Just curious how do figure this out.

Generally speaking, you will always fit more clothing hanging them rather than stacking.  The hope chest is 3 inches longer, but you don't tell me how deep it is (or the width of your hangers).  Based on a standard hanger, you can probably only put 2 stacks of clothing in the chest and then only stack them as high as the chest. They are also taking double the space since you folded them over.  With the rail, you have 31" of space to hang and your clothes aren't doubled.  If your chest is 31" tall, then you can put as much in the chest as you can on the rail.  If it's taller than 31", you can probably put more in the chest and if it's shorter, then you can put more on the rail.

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