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when im playing basketball for my highschool i feel like i'm rushing everything and i'm going 100 mph driving to the basket or anytime i get the ball, i also dribble every time i get the ball, but in a full court situation its the same but when you're on a fast break you aren't suppose to take your time on a fastbreak, so how do i know when teammates pass me the ball i either slow it down and take my time or explode and drive or do something explosive with the basketball?

A common problem of many athletes for different reasons.  Instead of attempting to isolate your specific reason/s let's concentrate on a solution.
Your coach has a philosophy; as his/her player it's your job to understand his/her philosophy and and know all plays inside and out.
Once you understand this you have a general knowledge of what to do with the ball and what to do with yourself before the ball gets to you and after you receive it; that's step #1.

Utilization of court vision ties it all together; that's step #2.

Developing court vision is simple and can happen rather quickly (download my Free book "Basketball - It's All about The Shot" from my website www BasketballShootingCoach com, go to Chapter 21 and study.  When you implement this process you can have usable court vision in scant days (before the season begins you can have wonderful court vision).

When you have good court vision, understand your coach's philosophy and know all the plays you'll find yourself at the right spot on the court most of the time, this will allow you to play at a high level while mentally relaxed and be a great contributor to your team's successes.

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