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Hi, Dan,

I'm a pretty good shooter but my friends have been commenting that I seem to "drift" to the right or "lean to the right" when I shoot. I was oblivious but now, I realized I do that a lot because I end up slightly to the right of me from my original shooting position.

Is there any good advice on fixing this leaning? I'm guessing I should more consciously tell myself to go straight up and be conscious of my leaning?

Thank you so much,

Hi Terry,

I am assuming you are right handed.  Does this drift to the right occur only when you are moving to your right or also when moving to your left or from a standstill position?  You may want to start by making sure you have a sound base with feet shoulder width apart and right foot half a foot forward.  If your feet are too close together when you jump it will cause you to drift.   Start facing the basket and flipping a ball underhanded a couple of feet straight in front of you, step in with your left foot on the spot the ball just bounced as you catch the ball and bring your right foot up a half foot in front of your left as you jump and shoot.  When you can do that consistently without fading to the right, flip the ball to your right, pivot on your right foot and step on the spot it bounced with your left bringing your right foot around to the same position and see if you can do that without fading.  Finally try the same toss, step under and shoot to the left.  you can do this around the three point circle or inside as you move around the half court.  

Then practice taking a shot straight on, right, and left after 1 dribble from various spots on the floor.   Remember that it takes perfect practice to make it perfect and a lot of practice to replace a bad habit with a good one.  Great shooters are made from proper practice.  Good Luck!

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