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Missed attempt to rim and backboard

Player has the basketball about 6 foot away from basket near the baseline. Turns and quickly (off balance) and shoots to the basket.
The ball misses everything – rim, backboard, net…….. the shooter does as he was taught and follows his shot.   The same shooter picks the ball out
Of the air  making a successful rebound….or picking up the ball after it hits the floor…….
 I have read recently that this is a legal play for most levels and up to NCAA but within the NBA is illegal.
Can you provide the rule points for each level of play from age 12 to high school…..

Does this cover all levels of play……..

Have you ever seen this at any level of play?

4.44 SITUATION B: A1 attempts a try after ending the dribble. The try does not touch the backboard, the rim or any other player. A1 runs and is able to catch the ball before it strikes the floor. Is this traveling? RULING: No. When A1 recovered his/her own try, A1 could either dribble, pass or try again. There was no team control after the ball was released on a try. (4-12; 4-41).

It is perfectly legal for a player to rebound his/her own air ball, provided the official deemed the shot a legitimate shot. Comment:  Case Book 4.44-B describes this play exactly.


I see this play all  the time. In High School this is a legal play. As long as the shooter makes a legitimate shot attempt, he/she may catch their own air ball, and either dribble, pass or shoot the ball again.

I'm not 100% sure if its legal or not in college, but I know it is not legal in the NBA.

Thanks for your question.

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