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My question involves a shot that is taken at the end of a game. Theoretically Team A is down by 2 with the ball and with .1 seconds left in the game. A player from Team A takes a 3 pointer that leaves his hand before the clock has expired, but a player from Team B tips the ball during its flight. The shot still goes in, but the player from Team B had tipped the ball after the buzzer had sounded. Should the basket count since the ball was released before the buzzer sounded or should it not be counted because another player touched it after the buzzer had sounded.

I know the chance of this happening is low, but it would settle an argument between me and a couple friends. Thank you for your time.


This is a very good question, and actually happens a lot. First of all let me define what a "try for a goal" is. A try for a field goal is an attempt by a player to score two or three points by throwing the ball into a team's own basket.  The try starts when the player begins the motion which habitually precedes the release of the ball. The try ends when the throw is successful, when it's certain the throw is unsuccessful, when the thrown ball touches the floor or when the ball becomes dead.

There are two possible scenarios.  Player A shoots the ball, Team B tips the ball then the buzzer sounds and the ball goes in the basket. Or Scenario two, Player A shoots the ball,  the buzzer sounds, then Team B tips the ball and the ball goes in the basket. In either situation, the tip by Team B player did not cause the try to end, therefore you count the basket in both cases.

If you want to read more, you can check out the NFHS Case book and look up Case play 4.41.4

I hope that answered your question and thanks for participating.  

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