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I've never seen anyone do these in a game - but I believe especially the second one would be an effective move to shake a defender:

1. If a player finds himself so directly underneath the basket with defenders around that he cannot pass or get a shot off - can he shoot the ball up through the center of the hoop from underneath, have it go through the net/hoop high enough to be over the rim, then have the ball come straight back down (or off the backboard) through the hoop again. Would that count as 2 points?

2. Can a player who receives a pass, without taking a dribble or any steps, leave his feet to go up for a shot, and instead of taking the shot, pull the ball down and dribble it off the floor before his feet come down? Would that still be considered up and down or traveling? I think it should be legal because you still have your dribble and the ball hits the floor first - and it's very easy to do with some practice. Totally catches the defender off guard.


In scenario 1, that is a violation. The ball cannot pass through the net from underneath. The official should blow his/her whistle, call a violation and then award the ball to the opposing team.

In Scenario 2, that would be legal, if the player never dribbled the ball first.

Thanks for your question.  

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