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hoops48 wrote at 2010-09-05 22:20:12
For man to man defense have your 3 and 4 on far wings above free throw line. You five 2 feet above the free throw line in the high post. Your 1 and 2 are in a 2 guard set even with the lane lines. From that the 1 or 2 has the ball and looks for a backdoor cut from the 3 or 4, if they are not overplaying your 1 or 2 throws the ball to the 5 and cuts first to the opposite lane line and then the other guard cuts making an "x" immediately after the first cut, usually one of them loses their player and you get a lay up.

MUNCoach wrote at 2012-02-10 15:56:23
I am a 5th grade boys/girls basketball coach. To the question about offense, I run a motion and flex. These are my two plays. Flex is a continuation play that can get a lot of open layups or jumpshots if you are able to teach you team how to set screens and run off of the screen correctly. As for motion, a 5-out, 4 out 1 in, or a 3-2 motion is really successful. Depending on what type of team you have will depend on which setup you would use. Usually I go with a 5-out which will end up being a pass, cut, and fill motion. I give both the boys and girls 3 rules for offense:

#1 After every pass, the passer moves. (Cut or screen)

    (I teach them a backcut and a V cut)

#2 Do not stand still for more than 2 seconds.

   (If not open, MOVE DON'T WATCH!!! Cut or screen!)

#3 Take the first good shot.

   (Take advantage of every opportunity to get at least one shot off every offensive possession)

This will teach your players how to read the defense and help them to develop into better players for the future. Also, the other coach will have no idea what you are running because it is not a set offense where the same people are moving to the same spots. It takes a lot of patience, trust me, but your kids will play harder for you knowing that they are involved in the offense instead of always setting screens or standing in the corner watching someone else score...

A Girl Coach wrote at 2013-08-04 04:30:04
MY TOUGH DRILL: Place the ball on the free throw line. Have the offensive player stand just outside the top of the arc. Have the defensive player "in box out" position just inside the top of the arc. Blow the whistle, the offensive player has to do anything she can to get to the ball and then shoot fast. The defensive player has to keep her away from the ball. I give it 5-7 seconds depending on the skill level.  

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I know the game of basketball very well and have coached my brother throughout so many summers. I know pages and pages of plays and have assisted a coach who was coaching a fourteen-year-old girl's travel team who won the championship leading the league in offensive points and defensive points allowed. This team had been in last place in everything last year, I guess adding me turned around the whole team.

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coaching a fourteen-year-old girl's travel team who won the championship leading the league in offensive points and defensive points allowed.

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