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kane wrote at 2013-01-10 14:27:14
Hi Amy

I read the first response to your question and his advice is exactly right.  The main reason that players don't stay low is fatigue, which results from a lack of strength and endurance.  This is especially a problem late in the game.  As you know, when you rise up it is easier for the defender to strip you and for the offender to penetrate on you.  

Fortunately, there is a new Athletic Training Device called The DEFENSIVE SNAP.  The Defensive Snap train players to maintain the correct posture while practicing.  When you get low there is no way to cheat, if you rise up at all the connectors snap loose and you know instantly.  The device is incredible, it uses a waist belt attached to side straps which extends downward to magnetic anklets on each foot.  The side straps are also adjustable so players may increase the level of difficulty as they improve.  When you raise your butt up the magnetic connectors disconnect.  You know instantly that you must get back low, and reattach the connectors to complete the drill.  

When you use it for the first time, you will think that its not working right because players usually snap loose with each few steps.  As your technique improves your strength and endurance follows, you then develop the ability to complete your drills without causing the connectors to snap.  It develops the Mental Discipline of the player as well as  physical ability.  At that point your speed begin to explode.  My daughter who plays college basketball used it over the summer and she improved significantly on offense and even more on defense, everyone asks her how she did it.

The web address is

Hope this helps  

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