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Beadwork/Super glue question


Not really about beading, but my guess is that in your craft you will have experience with using super glue.  Sometimes one wants to use super glue on a fabric or hat.  I'm not talking about glue gun glue.  I mean those tiny tubes of magic glue, super glue, whatever trade name.  Well, will the super glue dissolve when subjected to the heat and water of the washing machine and dryer?

Hi Carl:

I am not aware if super glue is washable and dryable. I don't use super glue in my beadwork. However, I do know that there is one specific glue made for gluing jewels to clothing. They advertise that it will hold the jewels permanently through repeated washing. I have used "Aleene's Jewel-It Embellishing Glue," which can be purchased at hobby stores and I purchased my bottle at Walmart.

I hope this answers your question. Thank you for your question.


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Angela Palermo


I am knowledgeable in a variety of stitches and sell my beadwork on a specific web site. I am a self-taught beader and have learned many techniques in Native American and Contemporary Beading. I understand how difficult following some patterns can be. I especially enjoy working with Japanese Delica beads because of their uniformity and I really enjoy the challenges that the size #15 can bring. Being able to see close up well is a great advantage for someone who, like myself, is myopic.


I am self-taught and have been beading for approximately 6 years. I suppose you would say that I've learned the "hard way," but it is very rewarding when you learn to do it on your own without someone to show you how on a personal basis.

I belong to a specific web site that promotes artist and crafters who mainly create their own work and sell it to the public.

My only credentials are life experience and the ability to understand patterns better than most and the fact that I sell my work. I can bead on practically any object and I make beaded key chains using my own designs. I believe that I am qualified to teach beadwork.

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None in beading, but I plan to enter some of my work this year in our local crafting shows.

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