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Beagles/Ramius...our 5 month old beagle pup


You opened up my mind to a couple of new ways to help train Ramius, but wanted to let you know. I am finding "treating" him after successful trips outside hasnt been working. Still pissing on the blankets and carpet even though giving him treats. We are currently, treating him on good trips. we have been being firm when he has an accident inside. praising him when he does well inside. We have been limiting his water intake and have been taking him, to avoid accidents, every 2 hrs or so. Never has number 2 accidents, so how can you help me help him learn. Thanks for your time

Mr Jody Anderson

Hi thanks for writing to me. So first off Ramius is 5 months so that means he can theoretically hold his bladder at most about 6 hrs but still that is a lot to ask of some pups, so I would say 4 to be safe. In your note you said "I am finding "treating" him after successful trips outside hasnt been working." I am wondering from what it sounds like if you are giving him the treats AFTER he comes inside the house(too long) or the instant he is peeing outside and almost done/or right as he he stops squatting (right onthe mark). Dogs have little attention span and to make sure he associates treats with what he just did it has to be right when he is doing it. In addition if he is still peeing on carpet and blankets then somehow he isnt being watched for "bathroom behavior".... if you zoom in on him and become very vigilant you will learn what he does just prior to going and you have to intervene and grab him when you see that and take him outside to avoid it and then praise him. I havehad people tellme they getimpatient after standing outside for a couple minutes too and that doesnt help, some dogs take a long time to pee, not being neutered yet he will still want to mark and you just have to wait for it. Not sure what "being firm when he has an accident inside" means. If you are not there the second it is happening to whisk him away it is no different than the treat for doing it well, telling him afterwards goes in one ear and out the other. There is no association with what he just did only knowing you are not pleased or fear if it is punitive. Lastly, some dogs take longer than others, it just is what it is. I truly believe if you keep up following my info it will be successful but if there are any kinks it will mess it up. Also if he is still unreliable then keep him on a leash and tied to you while in house until he gets it. Remember that every pee inside reinforces peeing inside and you have to overcome that plus if he can smell it in any way he thinks hmmm, this is an ok place to go. I know this is a pain in the butt but it will pay off at some point. Every dog is different I have seen ones that took forever to get it and ones that never had a single accident in the house.  


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