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We live out in the country, so my beagle can run freely. We put him on the porch at night with our older chocolate lab. I have put a blanket out there for each of them, as well as a dog house (which neither of them sleep in). The beagle barks at night, at every sound he hears. I have tried leaving the porch fan on (which is loud, but at the other end of the porch so it doesn't blow on him), but that doesn't seem to stop it either. We have tried a shock collar, which really didn't work either. What else would you suggest for his barking at night? My husband is losing a lot of sleep and his job is quite dangerous with a few hours sleep. Please help.

HI, you may have picked the wrong person to ask this question of because I do not believe in leaving domesticated dogs outside over night no matter where you live or for that matter outside period like many city people do and just leave them back there. Outside at night is dangerous for them, especially if there is no fencing for many reasons...due to the changes in temperature, things they can get into and it leaves them prey to outside influences. That being said I would also want to make sure you know that beagles are what we call "pack animals", they are bred to live in packs. Even though yours may be a domesticated non working beagle the breed genetically is used to being in a pack situation with many other beagles surrounding it. (think of the working beagles that hunt, they are ALWAYS in a pack and sleep as a pack together)They will readily adopt a human pack as well and they are extremely social animals and need their pack around them. Your lab is not enough, he is not going to give him a sense of "family" if you will and protection. A beagle that is barking all night to me signifies a beagle that is bored, scared or insecure. He is on hyper alert all night if he is barking all night and isnt getting restful sleep either. Dogs are supposed to sleep 3/4 of each day. He feels alone out there and like he has to be on the alert for every sound he hears and may think he is protecting the home. Is there a reason that the dogs cannot sleep inside?  


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