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Beagles/Biting Beagle during sleep


I have a 2 year old fun loving, sweet male beagle.  Over the past few months he has gotten more aggressive and territorial when it comes to  relaxing/sleeping.  He has bitten my husband, in-laws, and myself.  These bites have all drawn blood, my bite required stitches.

When he sleeps, if woken or scared he growls, attacks, and at times bites.  This also occurs if he is just relaxing on the couch, and feels that you are going to bother him. The four of us are the only ones usually around, he is great with other family and friends, and well behaved with other animals.

I do not have the heart to give him up, I looking  for advice as to how to curb this behavior.

Glad that you are writing to me instead of giving him up, however this requires one on one training and you need to call someone immediately to come and help with this. It is apparent that he doesnt feel you 4 legged ones are the ones in charge and that he is! This behavior can be fixed but it will require someone working with not just him but the rest of you. You can google trainers or ask your vet for a recommendation. Trying to fix this via email will not work but I am glad at least you have reached out. It will only get worse so please don't wait, he doesnt really want to be the one in charge.


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I am happy to answer BEAGLE BREED SPECIFIC behavioral questions. Please DO NOT ask MEDICAL questions! I am not a vet .


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