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Beagles/Curious about my rescued beagle!


Reid Beagle Puppy
Reid Beagle Puppy  
Hi! Your housebreaking post is SO helpful for my husband and I in working with our three month old beagle mix puppy!  

We got her from a shelter in New York at 8 weeks old; she was born in the shelter on New Year's Eve, I believe they had said they picked the mother up as a pregnant stray so all three of her puppies were born in the shelter.  

I have included a photo of her sister (dark), her mother as well as several photos of our pooch. I've been doing some research on her coloring and have come to the conclusion that she is a "hare pied" beagle, especially in the last few weeks the butterfly nose has developed.  

I'm just curious to hear your thoughts, if any, on what you think she may be mixed with! Her temperament is extremely energetic and playful, loves to dig, chase leaves, climb and CHEW! Whenever she jumps, whether down a small step or off of the back deck, she takes a huge flying leap! She seems to love giving herself obstacle courses, weaving in and out of table and chair legs, crawling under dressers and squeezing between the wall and furniture.

I'm eager to hear your thoughts! Whatever the case may be, she is already an important member of our family and we love her to death!


Hi, she is ABSOLUTELY adorable, lucky you!

In all honesty I didnt even know there was such a thing as a hare pied beagle so just did a bunch of research on it myself. Obviously in order to get the coloring there is some playing around with breeding, unknown if they go outside the beagle breed to make the alterations or not. Regardless, my best idea would be to have a DNA test done on her. I have done it on mine, it's a hoot and also gives you a really specific idea three generations back of what is in your dog. It is not that expensive and not at all painful for her, you just swab inside her cheeks with a q-tip thing they supply. Here is the link to the one I think is the best....

Good luck and tell me what they find!


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