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Hi! I'm getting desperate. I got a beagle about four years ago, and he's an inside dog. He's always been a little hyper, but because of him I fell in love with the breed. In December, U bought two beagle puppies from a reputable breeder a few towns away. They're brother and sister, and they were given to me at about 8 weeks of age. I admit I didn't know what I was doing when it came to training them, as my older dog came to me when he was already four. But after spending heaps of money cleaning my floors and buying puppy pads, I realized I had to change my ways. So in February I started seriously trying to train them. It's April now, and I can't seem to get them to listen to me. The two puppies are always running around, rough housing, chewing on things, eating my toddler's food if I don't guard it, and they don't seem to care about going potty outside. I put out a puppy pad every day in case they need to go, but they always pee on my carpet or on my floor. Even after being outside, they'll come in and pee. I don't want to get rid of my puppies, but I'm at the end of my rope. I'm expecting a baby in a few months. I need to make progress with my pups or my fiancee will get rid of them. Any advice? With anything? How can I get them to stop jumping on people? And annoying the neighbors? What more can I do in terms of potty training? And how the heck can I keep them from eating everything they see? Also, any tips on how to make them less wild would be great. I love my babies, and I really want to keep them.

Hi, thanks for reaching out to me. WOW! you have your hands full which is part of the problem I am afraid. There is so much going on here that it is not possible for me to help via emails. This is the job for a one on one trainer who you need to hire asap. Right now it sounds like they are wild and it won't be long before you have some aggression problems, this is what happens when there isn't a clear ALPHA in charge. I will attach some info on potty training but since you have three of them to train and limited time and hands it will be challenging to follow as it is a weekend marathon training session.

In addition, I don't know what you mean by annoying the neighbors but I think it may be because of their barking and howling? This is inate in beagles and it isn't something that will EVER go away. You can get it partially under control but it is as I said instinctive for them to bark and bay.

Lastly beagles are absolutely food driven, they will eat until they pop, they will eat everything and anything. Some of the "eating everything they see" may be non food items which would be typical of puppies and especially around the ages they are at when they are getting their back molars, they are just like babies teething. They NEED to chew to relieve the discomfort. Sending something on that as well.

I am glad you don't want to get rid of them but with the new baby coming if you don't get this under control it will become an impossible situation and that is what will have to happen, please pool ANY resources to be able to afford a trainer that comes to your home and can show you in person what to do about these issues right away.

Send me your direct email and I will send you all the info I can, too much to copy and paste into this

Good luck!


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