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Hi! I'm not sure if you are able to help as i have noted that you are experience in dealing with the Beagle breed. However, I'll give it a go!

I have a beagle and pointer cross, about a year and a half old who is absolutely terrified of the sunlight. Taking him for a walk during a sunny day is awful, he pulls back on his lead (he has a control harness which pulls on his face very badly when he doe this) and refuses to walk. So i end up pulling him down the road. More dangerously, he will freak out when crossing a road and try to run away from the sun, thus leaving us in a tangle with oncoming cars approaching!

He was fine as a a puppy but didn't actually go outside for a while after we got him as he caught kennel cough before his second vaccination. He seems to be doing this solely in the sunshine (he is fine in the evenings)and is ok when we get to the dog park though still tries to avoid the sun.

he is also sneezing a lot and have loads of backwards sneezing episodes so i thought he may have hayfever. He had not had an backwards sneezing episodes since he was a puppy ....

He is very energectic and loves to be outside, once we get there. He socializes very well and has a lovely temperment. He plays happily and is not off his food or sick. He seems very much ok .... except for going outside in the sunshine!

Do you have any advice? Even when i have his favorite treats in my hand he still will not come back to me when out in the sunshine ....

I look forward to hearing from you

Thanks very much


Hi Gemma, thanks for contacting me, I have to say this one is a first, have never heard of something like this. I am feeling like it is maybe not being afraid of the sunshine per say but something else. I think it would be good to have a trainer come to your house and observe the dog acting in this manner, they are obviously educated and trained to see what we sometimes cannot see.  


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I am happy to answer BEAGLE BREED SPECIFIC behavioral questions. Please DO NOT ask MEDICAL questions! I am not a vet .


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