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Beanie Babies/what beanies are very collectible


Rebeckajo wrote at 2009-01-14 01:17:32
Hi Connie,

Unfortunatley the prices listed by Casandra are prices from several years ago. For what ever reason the value for even the rarest of Beanie Babies has fallen considerabley. For instance Garcia the bear can be bought off of ebay of less the $10. Lucky the lady bug can be bought for around $15 to $20. The best practice to find out how much a beanie babie is really worth is to see what they are going for on ebay. Remember, there are sevearl generations of each beanie babie ever made and you must go by the hang tag and tush tags to determin which generation your beanie babie is. As a general rule, the first second and third generation of beanie babies are the most valueable.

I hope this helps you.


678 wrote at 2009-05-24 20:06:29
i find its easy to get them at yard sales as the people selling have no idea how valueble they i got lucky the lady bug and ally the alligator

Jesus wrote at 2010-06-04 03:06:00
Connie,  my name is Jesus Torres. I have a wide collection of beanie babies that are in tip top condition.  The tags are in place without any bends or folds.  I also took the liberty of putting them in a clear plastic box so they would not get damaged.  I have some of the beanies that were mentioned by the lady who answered your question. : )

Anna wrote at 2010-07-12 04:08:07
I have Valentino x 2 and I have 2 Happy Hippo if you are looking to purchas them contact me they are in terrific shape:)

Jei2000 wrote at 2010-07-16 04:29:26
Connie, My name is Jeimy. I have Britannia, Germania, Osito(Mexico), Spangle and Maple The International Bear Collection, all in their boxes.

Heather wrote at 2011-07-24 17:31:19
Connie. I know this is an old post. But if you still want any of these beanies please let me know. I have soo many on the list and would love to sell.  

Trish wrote at 2011-10-05 16:20:31
That is great that you think the beanies you listed are worth that much but who are actually buying them for that? Unless you have the beanies from when they first came out chances are all anybody will pay for them would be $1 at a yard sale. I have about 500 and nobody wants them anymore.

aunt leslie wrote at 2012-04-07 20:10:49
i have 4 of these on the list:

blackie the bear

bones the dog

mystic the unicorn

valentino (white and pink)

have a total of 120.all 3rd and 4th generation tags

would like to sell all together

mckenziebj wrote at 2012-04-20 02:09:15
I am getting rid of my Beanie Collection if you are interested email me and I will send you photos.  I am in Canada

Mister Beanie Baby wrote at 2012-06-07 23:24:55
According to Real prices, your avg beanies can be bought for $0.25-$1 ea for common ex/mt tags.

Swing (Heart) Tag Gen values: (EX-Mint non-creased tags)

19th-5th Gen swing tagged beanies are generally $0.25-$2.00 ea

4th Gen swing tagged beanies run $0.25-$25 ea

For older swing tagged "common" beanies you add the following values to that beanie. (Example Ally the Alligator is $2-10 but with an older tag you add X)

3rd Gen swing tagged beanies can add $5-$25 ea.

2nd Gen swing tagged beanies can add $25-$50 ea.

1st gen swing tagged beanies can add $50-$250 ea.

Most Beanie Babies we know of today have 4th-19th gen swing (Heart) tags are quite common with FEW bringing anywhere near $50. A few of the special ones that were produced for employees run about $50-100+ ea. (Billionaire Bear for example)

If you are seriously looking to collect Beanie Babies, go for any beanie that was retired between 1994 and October 1997.

But be warned that many rare beanies were counterfeited in 1998-2001.

Some notable beanie values:

$2-$10 value (4th gen swing)





Digger (red)

















Teddy (Brown new face)


Older rare beanie values: (be very weary of potential fakes)

Bronty $45-$150 3rd gen tag.

Bumble $25-$40 4th or 3rd gen tag.

Caw $40-$125 3rd gen tag.

Chilly $80-$250 1st, 2nd or 3rd gen tags.

Digger (Orange) $75-$150 3rd gen tag.

Flutter $50-$125 3rd gen tag.

Garcia $10-$50 4tg gen tag.

Humphrey $50-$200 3rd gen tag.

Quackers (No wings) $300-$1500 1st/2nd gen tags

Nana (With or without Bongo sticker) $150-$250 3rd gen tag only.

Rex $50-$125 3rd gen tag.

Slither $100-$200 3rd gen tag.

Spot (NO Spot) $300-$1500 1st/2nd gen tags

Steg $75-$175 3rd gen tag.

Teddy (New Face - Any color BUT brown) $50-$250 3rd gen tag.

Teddy (Old Face) $100-$500 2nd gen tag.

Trap $100-$175 3rd gen tag.

Off color beanie values: $20-$700 ea (1st, 2nd gen tags)

Varies greatly on rarity

Happy (Grey)

Inky (Grey)

Lizzy (Tye Dye)

Patti (Maroon) Rarest color variant.

Patti (non-fuscia)

A few Popular Bears: (Any gen tag)

Princess (PE pellets) $5-$25

Princess (PVE Pellets) $25-$100

Billionaire Bear $250-$????

Ronald McDonald $25-$50

Violet Teddy 1996 Employee Bear (No swing tag) $500+

#1 Bear $??? (Most likely around $100)

This should give you a real idea of what beanies are trading for in 2010-present.

Emma wrote at 2012-07-15 17:04:29
I have many of the ty's that are listed above and am wanting to sell my collection. Does anyone have any information on selling my collection?


queen0423 wrote at 2012-09-16 23:00:33
how did you learn the worth of them? and where do you sell? i have so many and am looking at selling

heather wrote at 2013-02-23 16:24:01
I have some of these beanie baby im moving out of my dads found them hidden in back of a closet in a big seal box...if u want to buy any email me I will send pictures.

Casey wrote at 2013-03-19 01:46:39
I know that it's a few years late but I have over 100 valuable beanie babies and most are mentioned on this list. I'm looking to sell them but don't know the best way, if your still interested in starting your own collection I'd be happy to get you started.

bj wrote at 2013-07-30 22:27:01
i have some very collectible beanies incluting the valentine bear and britianiea and some other miss spelled ones

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