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Bearded Dragons/Bearded dragon isn't eating, but pooping. What's going on?


I have a 7 month old bearded dragon that has always been pretty healthy and hardy. A few months back, he had 3 different kinds of parasites after eating crickets from the pet store. After treating him twice, he seems back to normal. I cleaned his cage with bleach and hot water, disposed of a few things, and I clean his tiles with bleach and water solution everyday when he poops. Last week I believe on Thursday or Friday, he didn't want to eat any roaches. He hasn't eaten any since then besides one 1 inch one. He just refuses, even when I try hand feeding him. However, he still was pretty good about eating his salad... I was feeding him kale for about a week (store was out of other greens) and he seemed to love that, so he ate a small bowl almost everyday, or just a few bites. I got him some dandelion greens today, but he is still refusing to eat roaches or anything I try giving him. Now the reason I'm not rushing him to the vet is because he is pooping regularly... sometimes even twice a day. They are no longer runny like it was when he had parasites, but it's a lot more green than before. I'm guessing it was the kale, since that's when I noticed it. He also is still very active, runs around, jumps, clear eyes, not lethargic, gets a bath every other day, still drinks water.... This is why I'm so confused. How is he pooping so much after going almost a week with roaches, and only small amounts of salad? And why is he not eating? He loves roaches, so why is he refusing to eat them?
I do want to say... I feed him usually until he stops, or I give him about a 10 minute time limit. These roaches are a 1-1.5 inches and are gut-loaded, so he'd usually eat between 15-30 a day. He did get a little on the chubby side...  I mean, at times he looked like a balloon, but I knew they ate a lot so I wasn't worried.. but is it possible I overfed him on the roaches, and he's still full and waiting to settle down? My guess is that I did overfeed him, and he's trying to digest everything before eating more but I"m still very worried about him. Any idea?

Here's other info regarding diet/set up.

Temperatures- 80-85 on cool side, 85-90 bottom warm side, 95-110 basking
UVB- Reptisun 10.0 (I'll be replacing bulb soon)
Substrate- tile
Diet- Dubia Roaches, dandelion greens. Varieties such as apple, squash, zucchini, green beans, kale, grapes...

Hey there, my apologies for such a late response. I would agree with you that your beardie has had too many roaches. But that's just an idea. Try a different insect like hornworms, wax worms, superworms, or king worms. Introducing something new may spark his appetite. Also keep in mind that the food you feed your dragon should only be the length between your beardies eyes. Try to shoot under that range, it never hurts to feed him small sizes in different quantities. But like I said try introducing something new and see how he takes to it. Hope It helps!


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