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i have two beardies. one fairly new. and im curious if my other beardie would carry resentment for the new guy in the house hold. he has shown sings of aggression (puffing, opening his mouth, runnning away from my hand when i enter the tank). im curious if there is a way to show my beardies that this behaviour is not acceptable. i have tried restrainging him (holding his front and back legs so he cant "wiggle") nothing that causes him pain of coarse. so i curious if there is a way to stop the unwanted behaviour?

Hey there, unfortunately you can't train bearded dragons. What your older dragon is doing is showing dominance. Males tend to do what you have stated to show that they are the "big guy" or saying "this is my house". The only way to prevent this behavior is to make sure they are in separate so they can't see each other or know of the others presence. If you are housing them together, you need to separate them. This is the only way you can stop the behavior.

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