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I have had my bearded dragon for around 7 years now and she has laid infertile eggs twice in the past 3 years. Both clutches where rather large around 14-17 eggs over a week or so. She has been digging again recently for about 1 1/2- 2 months but only had 1 egg. I don't feel any eggs inside her and she hasn't eaten or really drank anything. She will bask for a bit then dig like crazy even when she gets to the bottom of the tank she still scratches the glass and presses her face against it. She also has been bobbing her head at her reflection. I don't know why she would be aggressive to herself (you would think she would realize it isn't another dragon by now). I try to keep clean water for her but she covers her food and water dish in sand. Is it just old age for her or do you think something is wrong? She is still a healthy color and very active. Thank you.

Hey there, it seems pretty strange that your dragon keeps doing this. At 7 years she may be getting near the end as the life span for bearded dragons is 6-8 years. I really don't think it is her age that is making her dig and head bob. I would see her head bobbing to her reflection as more of a random occurrence rather than a problem or a sign of anything. Many bearded dragons will do it because they think there is another one there. As for the digging, it is quite strange that she has been laying infertile eggs that many times. I don't think there is anything really wrong with her but with her being 7 years old, she could use a vet check up. It would be good to know from a vet that she is still going strong and healthy without and problems.

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