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i Have a bearded dragon called khaleesi, she is 9 months old and ive had her about a month and a half now.
so i have some questions regarding my bearded dragon Khaleesi;
- I recently introduced a hide into my 9 month old bearded dragon's tank- however for the past few days all she's been doing all day is sitting/sleeping in her hide when her lights are on. im worried she isnt getting enough uv light, she's warm because her hide is on top of her heat mat (on the side of her tank which has her uvb bulb, and not the basking bulb) What ive done is take her hide out because she hasnt been basking at all, when i take her out she's active and alert and she's pooing fine when i do take her out, so i dont know, is it just because she likes it? should i keep it out of her cage because she needs the uv but obviously doesnt know it herself...?

- a few weeks back she went through a shed, and barely ate anything for about 2 weeks till her shed was over (i know thats normal) however before her shed she was eating her greens fine as well as her insects, now she is eating her insects but not touching her greens. I dont understand why, i try to get her to eat them but when i try to hand feed her she just closes her eyes and ignores the food. The greens i usually feed her are endive, sweet potato, pak choy  as well as other fruits/veg, however endive is her primary green i feed her. i cant feed her collard/turnip greens as i cant get that where i live.
Any help/suggestions you could give would be very much appreciated
thankyou :)

hey there, make sure the temperature in your viv is at the appropriate temps. She may be too hot if she is hiding away. This may not be the case but it is something to watch for. Make sure your mist her down with water a few times a day too to keep her hydrated. Keep water around in a bowl even if she does not drink from it. Remember, one half of the viv should be the basking side while the other side should be the cooler side. When it comes to diet, there is a radicle idea that I have used and other people I have met have used. They only provide the greens for awhile. This will give your beardie only once choice other than the crickets. At one point she should eat them. I have had a great success rate doing this with my older beardies in the day and my newborns. You could also prop her mouth open and put a piece of endive in her mouth, I have found this to also work. I would love to know how it all goes, keep me posted!  

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