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So I recently bought three Beardies all same age about different sizes, I have them in ideal conditions now although they were on like a sand bedding which I changed to carpet and newspaper. I have noticed today, I have only had them for 3 days, that sometimes they do not want to eat or drink when I mist them. I know I may just be paranoid, because I lost a beardie in the past, but I rather be safe than sorry. What can I do to stimulate them to eat and drink. Or should I give them some time? I have seen that usually if certain lizard of the three didn't eat last meal they will eat the meal served to them but I have not had them long enough to know.
Is there any number I can call for quick advice?

Hey there, there is an incubation period of a number of days when you get a bearded dragon. They usually will not drink from bowls. If they are in the same enclosure separate them. They could be stressing each other out. You could call your local herp vet for some advice.

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I can answer every question towards the bearded dragon except for questions that deal with sickness and disease. I can answer questions on heating and UV rays, the questions pertaining to food, habitat, bedding, breeding, egg/hatchling care, nature, and attitude are my best. Last, I cannot help you with at home sickness meds, always find a vet within your area. I can answer questions regarding body language and movement. I will try to help you to the best of my ability.


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