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Hello I recently bought a bearded dragon from a local reptile exotic pet store and last night after I got home from work I realized his upper lip was swollen looked online and discovered this thing called mouth rot I've only had this beardie for like 5 or 6 days now and I want to get him help but vets being expensive don't know what to do? Please help me maybe I can cure this myself?

Hey there, betadine or peroxide solution is typically used to treat infecitons on the body but ingesting it can cause serious problems. Mouth Rot is typically an infection that has to be treated with antibiotics. The kind you should only be able to get from a vet. It may cost a pretty penny but it is also your only option. Call your vet, I hope it all works out!

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I can answer every question towards the bearded dragon except for questions that deal with sickness and disease. I can answer questions on heating and UV rays, the questions pertaining to food, habitat, bedding, breeding, egg/hatchling care, nature, and attitude are my best. Last, I cannot help you with at home sickness meds, always find a vet within your area. I can answer questions regarding body language and movement. I will try to help you to the best of my ability.


I have owned bearded dragons for over seven years and have been a breeder for two years. Caring and raising bearded dragons has been a great experience in my life and will continue to play a big role throughout my life.

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