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Hi, today my 7 month old started out not eating. She hasn't moved all day so I reached into stroke her back as I normally do, when I did this her mouth opened her mouth all the way, went stiff as a board and began shaking.  She also is laboring to breath.  I did call all the vets in my area only one does minimal checkups for reptiles and told me there is nothing he can do but sounds like she has MBD. Is this true and is there anything I can do for her. Every other day I give her Exoterra Calcium powder on about 5-8 crickets in the morning and then every other day I give her the same amount of crickets with Zilla vitamin supplement w/beta carotene spray. Daily she eats roughly 20-30 crickets up until today.  I use a Repti Glo 10.0 uvb bulb and for heat I use a Zilla night red 75 watt bulb. The heated side of her tank is 90 degrees and the shaded is 78. She of course gets fresh water daily and a daily bath. The tank extensively cleaned once a week but wiped out daily. What am I doing wrong for her? Thanks for your time.

Hey there, if your bearded dragon has MBD they usually need an injection or there can be calcium given orally. You can find medicine for MBD online. I will provide a link,

This liquid calcium should be given orally. It has directions on when to use and how much weekly. I would recommend a product like this for your bearded dragon. Usually they will be given injections to cure the MBD but in your case where you cant see a vet for this, oral treatment would be best.

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