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Hello, I'm just wondering if a bearded dragon is a pet I'd want to adopt.

What is a good size tank for a full grown one? I realize the bigger the better but within reason.
Also, I find it hard feeding anything alive to another creature so could they eat crickets, etc that are already dead?
As far as UV goes, the same is claimed for turtle keeping but after reading so much on the topic, I found it's not vital as long as they're eating commercial food which has Vitamin D3 added. I went with that information & our turtles never had any problems. Could that hold true for beardies as well?
If there's anything else you think would be good for me to know, that would be great.
We have a bunny/guinea pig sanctuary so as far as chopped veggies being served, it would be no problem either.
Thanks Joe!

Hello, a 50 gallon tank would be perfect for a full grown beardie. He/she would have more than enough room in a 50 gallon. I understand where you come from with feeding live crickets to your beardie but it is essentail. It is not a good idea to feed your beardie dead crickets. You will have to tough it out. As for UV, bearded dragons and turtles are very different. Your bearded dragon WILL need the UV. If you need help with anyother diet or living needs please let me know.

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I can answer every question towards the bearded dragon except for questions that deal with sickness and disease. I can answer questions on heating and UV rays, the questions pertaining to food, habitat, bedding, breeding, egg/hatchling care, nature, and attitude are my best. Last, I cannot help you with at home sickness meds, always find a vet within your area. I can answer questions regarding body language and movement. I will try to help you to the best of my ability.


I have owned bearded dragons for over seven years and have been a breeder for two years. Caring and raising bearded dragons has been a great experience in my life and will continue to play a big role throughout my life.

Currently studying Biology with an Ecology Emphasis at Northern Michigan University.

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