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About eight days ago I got a two or about three week old baby beardie , the smallest in the cage. And we brought her home and she doesn't nothing but sleep... One never seen her eat and I am really worried about her . She has lost weight and I'm not sure what to do this is only my second beardie. We keep her in a 15 gallon tank with a Kong light and then also a spot light to keep the temp up to 90 then put on the night spot light during the night .we feed her greens, protein food , and also crickets but she eats little to nothing . We want to help it but we have no clue how so please anyone email me ASAP.... Thank you and god bless !

Hello, baby bearded dragons can be bought sick or can be mistakenly bought with deformities. Your bearded dragon seems to be very lethargic. The important thing is to get food and water in the belly to give your beardie some stength. You can use a syringe to get water and food in your beardie. Give your local vet a call and get your beardie there ASAP!

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I can answer every question towards the bearded dragon except for questions that deal with sickness and disease. I can answer questions on heating and UV rays, the questions pertaining to food, habitat, bedding, breeding, egg/hatchling care, nature, and attitude are my best. Last, I cannot help you with at home sickness meds, always find a vet within your area. I can answer questions regarding body language and movement. I will try to help you to the best of my ability.


I have owned bearded dragons for over seven years and have been a breeder for two years. Caring and raising bearded dragons has been a great experience in my life and will continue to play a big role throughout my life.

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