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QUESTION: hi i have a male pygmy bearded dragon and a female bearded dragon they live in the same enclosure and get along real well, but my pygmy keeps trying to mate with my female central, is this possible?

ANSWER: Hello, the mating should be possible but they cannot be housed together. They need to be separated, if you keep them together they will fight and hurt one another or kill each other.

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QUESTION: hi they have been housed together since ive had them, they have never fought?

You can keep housing them. I would strongly advise that you separate them because they will fight. Bearded dragons will get territorial and while a male and female arebeing housed together, the female only willing to mate once per season, the male wanting to mate all the time, they will eventually fight because of this.  

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I can answer every question towards the bearded dragon except for questions that deal with sickness and disease. I can answer questions on heating and UV rays, the questions pertaining to food, habitat, bedding, breeding, egg/hatchling care, nature, and attitude are my best. Last, I cannot help you with at home sickness meds, always find a vet within your area. I can answer questions regarding body language and movement. I will try to help you to the best of my ability.


I have owned bearded dragons for over seven years and have been a breeder for two years. Caring and raising bearded dragons has been a great experience in my life and will continue to play a big role throughout my life.

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