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How much food should an adult bearded dragon eat on a dialy basis?  I am wondering about quantity?  I am taking care of my daughters adult bearded dragon (1.5 years old) for a month and want to know so I will know if it is not eating/eating too much/etc.  She told me to feed it crickets 2 times per week, greens daily, and fruit/vegetables 1-2 times per week.  I don't know how MUCH is the appropriate amount???  I just put a little dish with cut up peaches and raspberries in the tank and it barely ate any of them.  I cut the raspberries in half and diced the peaches into small cubes (less than a cm in diameter).  The dish probably holds 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup and her bearded dragon ate just a layer from the top.  Will it keep eating it all day?  Should I leave the fruit in there until tomorrow?  What quantity of food does it need?  Please advise...

Hey there, when it comes to crickets I would have to say about a dozen to two dozen. On that twice a week scale. The veggies and fruit should be changed daily to avoid the rotten food. Assuming your bearded dragon is about max size then he or she should not have a problem eating around 2 dozen crickets in a sitting.

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