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My son just got a baby bearded dragon, he is about 3 months old. We got a bearded dragon kit that has the tank, lights and all that. One side of the tank where the heat light is about 105-110 degrees during the day, the other side is about 78 degrees. My question is he is not eating, we have had him since the day after Christmas and I have only seen him eat 2 crickets. I put 3 in there this morning and they are still there. The guy at Petsmart said to take all his decorations and stuff out of the tank so he could see the crickets and I did and he did eat 1 but today he wouldn't eat them, he just isn't interested in them. I am thinking it is stress? I am just concerned because it has been a week. Also do I leave any heat on at night? I have read that if my house doesn't get below 65 degrees I don't need a heat light at night. I got a night light bulb but not sure if I need it? Thanks for any help. My son is really attached to this little guy and would be heartbroken if something happened to him.

Hello, it is likely possible that the stress is the problem with his current eating habit. I would give him a bit more time to become accustomed to his new home. You should have a night basking bulb from the pet store which you use during the night, they are usually purple or red. These bulbs usually have smaller wattage for the night. Also, make sure that the crickets are the length of the width between your bearded dragon's eyes. A bit more information would be helpful like is he running around and active or is he just laying in one spot and acting lethargic? I wouldn't worry too much unless he starts to act differently or continues to not eat. Keep me posted if problems persist and I will try to help you further!

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