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My corn snake is not eating and I don't know what to do. I scared he might starve. He hasn't eaten for almost 2 weeks! What should I do?

First thing, when was the last time he ate and has this been happening often? One reason could be that he is not hungry or he doesn't feel like eating. If he is shedding he might not want to eat. If he is shedding just wait until he is done shedding to feed him, he will be fine! If he is not shedding you could try cup feeding him by giving him his food in a cup. Or you could try force feeding him by opening his mouth and putting the food in there! But when you force feed open their mouth carefully by putting a straw or Popsicle stick to prey it open then stick the food in there.
Good luck! And let me know how it goes!

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I can answer just about any question about bearded dragons. Including: health, diet, husbandry, and care for them in general. I can also answer some questions about ball pythons and corn snakes. Mostly just general care for ball pythons and corn snakes.


I have studied and read everything about bearded dragons in two months. And I have studied ball pythons and corn snakes over the last month. I own a bearded dragon of my own so I know just about everything about caring for them.

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