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When I first got my bearded dragon she was about 10 months old and had sore lips. However, she also seems to keep breathing out big puffs of air every now and then. We've had her for a few years and her lips have been on and off but have never completely healed. Also, she has given birth to three batches of successful babies as she is paired up with a male.The babies mostly hatched and they have had no problems. She also doesn't eat very much as every time she gives birth, she stops eating properly and this is worrying as she loses a lot of weight. She also has trouble excreting I think as she struggles to excrete. Overall I thing she has a lip infection and maybe even an infection of her lungs which are effecting her breathing and eating, so any advice would really help alot. Also, we are planning to take her to the vets we just need some help until then. Thanks.

Try to get her to the vet a soon as possible because you don't want it to get any worse. I'm not really sure what's wrong with her but it's probably some kind of infection! Maybe you can get some kind of disinfecting ointment to use on it only if it's not an open sore. Good luck!

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