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Bearded Dragons/What gender is my bearded dragon


It\'s tail
It's tail  
It's 2 years old

Hey Charlie,

It can usually be tough to tell the exact gender of a bearded dragon when they are younger but seeing that your dragon is 2 years old you should be able to tell. Usually you can tell if you look above the vent, like in your picture. Males will usually have two separated bulges when females will have one. I will provide a good link that shows nicely taken pictures of a male and female. Females also tend to have a more thin shaped head, like an arrow. Males will usually have a larger more broad head. Also! Males will usually have larger more prominent femoral spores that form a type of line along the bottom of the hind legs. Females will have them too but they wont be very large. It does seem that you have a female but I cannot be the one to determine this for sure. Here is a good link that shows examples:

Hope I could of been some help, good luck!

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