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Hey :-) Luna has been pretty lazy since mid November she's awake and hasn't lost wait but she hasn't been basking. She 2yrs old her temps are 103 on her basking spot and around 80 on the cool end I use a reptisun 10.0 she's happy to eat just not as much as normal and I give her a bath 2 times a week. She seems just as alert as she's always been but she just stays in her hide on the warm end at first I just figured it was brumation because she went down at around the same time as a lot of other dragons I know but there all waking up now and she still just sits in her hide looking around when I give her a bath she just chills and rests she's walking and jumping up the stairs but she's always just looking for a place to get comfy I've had her since she was 5weeks old and she still knows how to scare me to death lol thank you so much for any advise you can give me and if there's any other info you need just let me know.

Not all bearded dragons have the same brumating schedule some can brumate for weeks and some for months. I suggest you don't bother her because she is most likely still brumating. I don't think there is any thing wrong with her I just think she is not finished brumating. Remember to put some greens in the tank in case she wakes up and is a little hungry. And you can give her some crickets too! Let me know if you have any other questions:) and let me know how everything goes!

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