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Size difference
Size difference  
I recently bought two baby bearded dragons they were both growing at the same rate until suddenly one had a massive growth spurt and is still growing my other dragon has grown a little but not a whole lot. We moved the enclosure to a new spot in the house where there is more natural sunlight and she seems to be doing better but is still very behind. What could be causing this ? ( the larger dragon tends to sit on the smaller one could this be a factor to why her growth is stunted, she also has some trouble seeing crickets and will only eat one maybe two if were lucky, she likes celery more than the larger lizard ) Would it be a good idea to separate them in the meantime?

Not all bearded dragons grow at the same rate they are kinda like people. But you should definitely separate the small one into another tank. And if he still isn't doing good after a week or two put the little one in a different room. Since the bigger one was on top of the the smaller one, that is a sign of dominance by the bigger one. He wants to over power the little one. This is why you must separate them. Good luck!

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