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Ok so I've had my baby beardie for almost a month now and have been feeding her phoenix worms. But they cost so much so I started to try and feed her crickets and butter worms for a treat. So far she's only eaten about 5 crickets because she was starving. Now she wont eat them or the butter worms. So my question is what do I do and how can I wean her off phoenix worms? She also refuses to eat her veggies I give her.

Hello, when I was a first time beardie owner I came to the same problem. I had a hard time introducing greens to my bearded dragon. Another fellow owner gave me some advice that ended up working out quite well. Over the course of a few days I was only giving my bearded dragon greens to eat. While only feeding him greens he had no choice but to eat them. Also, another idea using the tip of my finger I was able to just prop his mouth open a bit to stick a green in. With this way he was able to try the green and get use to it. In my experience both ways had worked. With crickets, For a while I would only be feeding her crickets. If you don't already I would leave a few in her enclosure with her. Stop feeding her worms all together, you need to get her use to crickets. At some point when she is hungry she WILL eat the crickets in her enclosure.

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