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Hi Joe!

My female laid two nights back. I DIY'ed my incubator (aquarium heater in a Tupperware with the glass container containing the vermiculite and eggs elevated) and it seems to be working great. It keeps a constant 83f and 75% humidity.

My problem is that I stretched plastic/cling wrap over part of the glass container holding the vermiculite (about a quarter of it was left open, so it wasn't completely sealed) to help contain heat as I was worried about drafts. When I checked the temp and humidity today I noticed the cling wrap had drooped down over the eggs, loosely covering them with itself and all the condensation it had collected. I keep reading that it's very bad to get water directly on the eggs, but I can't find why that is.

I removed the cellophane immediately, but I'm not sure how long it had been like that. It could have been over 24 hours. What are the chances that my eggs have been harmed? I would hate to incubate them for the full term if I had killed them in the first week :(

Your expertise and guidance is greatly appreciated! Thank you.
- Amanda

Hey there, your eggs are probably fine. It is unlikely that because of that one instance that your eggs are bad. Just keep monitoring them and let them develop. The best advice I can give you is that you should get a better incubator. You can find styrofoam chicken incubators online that are very cheap and work very well. When I was breeding the couple times I used the chicken incubator and I was very satisfied. They work well because they provide sufficient heat and they have a trough in the bottom that you can fill with water for humidity.

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