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Hello I am interested in getting a Bearded Dragon for my family.
I am looking into tanks for our future pet.
I know most websites say you need a 40 gallon tank for an adult Bearded Dragon. But I found a terrarium that is 30 long x 13 wide x 13 high.
Would that be sufficient? If not, id like to know why? Because I seen 40 gallon tanks that are only 36 x 18 x 17. I wont be able to buy 2 tanks.
Tanks in advance!


Hello, 40 gallons for a tank should be sufficient enough for one bearded dragon. Over the years when I had them I would always get a 50 gallon to make sure that each of them had enough of their own space. You have to account for the room things will take up; bowls, rocks, anything that will be in the enclosure with your bearded dragon. 40-50 gallons should be an ideal size. You dont want to get one that may be too small and find out that your beardie doesn't have the room that it needs.

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