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Last week we purchased two dragons at the pet store and were told that they would be great together.  One dragon is about 2-3 weeks older than the other.  We also purchased a 40 gallon reptilian tank.  We do not want to have two tanks in our house nor do we want to go much larger than a 40 gallon tank.  Since then we have heard and read that two dragons can start fighting, for various reasons, and one may kill the other.  Is this true?  We still have time to return one of the dragons and wanted to ask an expert for advice.  Any information you can provided would be appreciated.
Thank you!


Hey there, I would highly suggest going back to the pet store and questioning who they choose to employ. Bearded dragons cannot be housed together because they become territorial. Females being less aggressive than males can sometimes be together but I wouldn't recommend it. In this case it may be unfortunate that you will choose to return one or not but it will avoid a bad situation in case they are together and do fight. When bearded dragons are placed together because of there being people that lack the proper knowledge its not a question of if and when there will be a problem but when. If it comes down to you deciding to keep both you will need two enclosures. I applaud you for coming to get right answers when someone who should have had the correct knowledge at the store didn't have it.  

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