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tryintohelp wrote at 2009-04-12 04:14:14
Hi Greeny,

I would like to add something you may have the third pressing of "Meet the Beatles" you mentioned that all tracks had ASCAP credits but for the first 2 tracks on side one.  I have a copy where this is the case but also a BMI credit on side two...that track is "I Wanna be Your Man"...hope this helps the discussion.

none wrote at 2012-09-16 05:10:43
What does it mean if there is the #3 on back side of album???? Looking for a value on this record can anyone help.

fab4ever62 wrote at 2013-08-18 04:23:47
I will confirm. U.S. copies with the number 12 next to the RIAA symbol are from the 1970s. I haven't checked the Perry Cox Price Guide lately but I would say it is probably worth about $8 to $10 (US Dollars)

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Born in Liverpool and went to the same school as Paul and George,I am an expert in Beatles recording anomolies(different mixes on various albums) mono v stereo differences, bootlegs .I have 4000 vinyl albums in my collection by the Beatles and other artistes. I also have a great interest in Beatles promo videos for their singles and non single tracks Please no questions about values of records or anything about matrix numbers or source city of pressings.


Have been buying Beatles records for over 40 years and have various versions of the same tracks just because they are different. I come from Liverpool , England so saw the Beatles phenomenon develop from the start and saw them live. I bought every record as it was released. My best knowledge is in recording variations, mono v stereo and beatles promo videos

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