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Joe Lee wrote at 2011-02-20 11:18:53
thats a bit cruel cos even though you do undobtably have a counterfit , it plays really well and French connection to capital, they know the lot don't they, it's a classic lp and will one day be very collectable as a counterfit bless

ladybird wrote at 2013-03-02 11:34:44
 not that i would wish to take advantage of you, but i would like very much to be at that yard sale........reason.....yes, to the above is indeed a bootleg, but by far,  not a 2 dollar item.   please go to your local...say barns and nobles,   and without even purchasing the volume, look at goaldmines price guid for  records.  not that you could always get their suggested  rates of value, actually maybe half.   you will se that they as well list it as a bootleg, but a very scarce one,  if your copy is in good condition and matches the listed specifications,  it is worth say,  4-$600.oo.

 yes.... enjoy, and good luck.

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I am a HUGE fan who happened to soak up lots and lots of trivia on her way through Beatle land (I`ve been told I have Beatle radar), so I`m able to answer a question about almost anything!


I'm a professional music teacher, mainly in vocal music. My particular specialty would be questions on the music theory of the Beatles songs, or ending "who sang what" debates.

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