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chris wrote at 2011-06-11 01:20:25
My friend has the same Beat-A-Mania. 500 copies sold. It has nothing pasted over the cover and is in near mint condition. It is original 'cause her relative bought it at the concert. It must be worth a fortune. She may want to sell it.

chris farrell wrote at 2011-08-15 13:40:30
My friend has the same album. We did not realize that the cover was pasted over. On the album itself is printed "Design Records" "Spectra Sonic Sound" DLP-172-A BEAT-A-MANIA (Recorded Live In Britain). "High Fidelity Non-Breakable Pickwick Sales Corp. Long Island City 1. N. Y.

On the back of the cover is written, "DESIGN SPOTLIGHT SERIES In Spectra-Sonic-Sound. Here, in this DESIGN SPOTLIGHT SERIES, we have those recording necessary to make a record collection great. Records for the collector... Some of these recordings in their original pressings are worth up to $35 each at auction. We have made arrangements to bring you these great sounds at a fraction of their original cost. The masters are cut on Scully lathes with Westrex feed back cutters to produce a disc exceptionally free of surface noise. RIAA crossover is at 500 cps Rolloff, 13.75 DB at 10 KC.  (copyright symbol) 1962 Pickwick International, INC,. L.I.C. 1, N.Y.

PJ wrote at 2014-03-02 22:23:17
I have the same LP, IT IS REAL.  original 1962 LP by Design Records, states recorded LIVE in Britain.   Mine is MONO and not a paste over however.  Shows a list of DESIGN SPOTLIGHT SERIES Lp's on back.  Does say PICKWICK INTERNATIONAL

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