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T.G. wrote at 2011-10-08 08:56:49
Sorry, but somehow I don't agree with someone who says that a copy of "Meet the Beatles" in its original cellophane wrapper from 1964 is only worth a couple of dollars. This, if true, means the copy has never before been played and comes with an album cover that remains untouched. Therefore, placing it in a category of mint or pristine condition. And so, even while this Beatles' recording has sold many millions ten times over, the existence of an actual physical copy that's never been opened and played is worth more than few dollars in my opinion.

zenarrrow wrote at 2012-11-17 01:25:20
Maybe Rob was referring to the different hues of BEATLES some being an olive to a tannish color then of course you have Stereo VS Mono. Later releases have the gold record stamp on the cover as well. If possible check on the back cover next to the RIAA  Logo there should be a number next to it, which may or may not increase the value but give you an idea where it was made.

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