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Beatles, The/Rubber Soul: which one?


Deckster wrote at 2007-11-14 14:14:09
The Beatles intended their recordings to be heard in mono in 1965 as this was the dominant music system in most homes. My understanding is that they spent far more time perfecting the mono recordings and the stereo versions were often something of an afterthought.

I'd also suggest that the definitive versions were the UK releases as these were compiled by the Beatles working toward an album as an entire collection. The US version generally had less songs (12 as opposed to 14).

And if you really like "I've just seen a face" get the UK mono "Help" album as well - you can't have enough Beatles music in your life!

tiresias wrote at 2013-06-03 20:37:16
the fade out on the capitol release is a bit longer than the one on parlophone. i have both...

Beatles, The

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