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StaffyMike wrote at 2015-10-01 15:20:53
Mike plz can u help me with my collection? Cheers Mike💚

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Michael Harbidge


I specialise in the records that the Beatles released. My expertise is in the British and American pressings but I`m sure I will be able to help with any record you may own. I`ve been heavily into the record-collecting side of the Beatles for over 11 years now (since I weas 12) and have slowly built my knowledge and credibility to such a point that I am one of the big UK experts in the field. Do you have an album of theirs perhaps that you`d like valued or would like some information on? I`m sure I can help.


Past/Present clients
In the past I've managed to help innumerable people who have wanted to know values or information regarding a Beatles LP they owned. Each time I have managed to fully help them, or if unable to do so to point them to where somebody else could.

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