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Hello Caitlin,

Several years ago, after over-plucking inhibited the regrowth of some of the hair in my eyebrows, I resorted to permanent cosmetics to restore my eyebrows and have since been shaving the rest of them. I'd really like to grow them back, but of course have concerns about how they will look. The tattoos are a medium brown color and have faded a bit over time, while my hair is actually a soft black. If my eyebrows grow back fully, I think the tattoos will be concealed enough to be unnoticeable. Do you think it's a good idea to try growing them back? My eyebrow hair is thick and dark, so I wonder if there's anything you'd suggest to make the hair softer and less thick and stubbley looking as it's growing back out? And if I find that regrowing some of the hair isn't working, is there anything I can do to or use to promote regrowth?

Thanks very much for your time!

Hi thanks for your question

It's quite subjective how your eyebrows will look and as I can't see them it is difficult to judge. It's one of those things you will just have to try and see for yourself. Depending on the thickness the final eyebrow will be will determine if they will adequately cover the tattoo, but you can always fill them in with powder or pencil should you feel it is required.

On the texture of the hair... To my knowledge there is no treatment or product that changes the type of hair that grows, you could try conditioners to soften it, but given that the hair in brows is often much different to hair on the head, the keratin levels also vary greatly, so outcome is questionable, if curious, just try it (though be careful you don't get anything in your eye!). As for promotion of hair growth, there are some treatments on the market that stimulate eyelash growth and I have be told this also helps with eyebrows too, but this is something I have not personally tried, so I can't attest to the success. Additionally, there is hair transplant procedures where they transplant the hair on your head to your eyebrow, whilst these have been successful, they are very costly (over 6k to have it done here in Australia) and they require frequent maintenance (fortnightly - religiously) due to the hair continuing to grow as it was on your head - unless you are going for the Cousin It look ;)

I suppose the real question is: How far are you willing to go? Are you happy to make do with what you have and just top it up with make up (if required). Or does your quest extend the budget to whatever is required? Answer that question and you can then select the best option from those given above.

Hope this helps :)


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