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odd question, but as long as you were 18 and female at some point you can technically answer it..
OK..I get my legs waxed at a beauty school. They often don't leave the room when I change and look or stare when i'm naked. . If i did that as a guy to a girl id feel like id get in huge trouble or make her uncomfortable. I know for a fact they dont wax men alot as even experienced techs at actual salons say im one of the few, so the "they are so used to it" is not valid.
It doesnt bother me...but im a nude art model, so nothing does. BUT many men would feel why do these girls feel its okay to do this? and,, is it sexual for them or just funny?

Firstly, I don't understand how/why you would be naked when getting a leg wax?!? For goodness sake, wear underwear, or preferably, boxer shorts.

Secondly, from what you describe you should be discussing the fact that you feel uncomfortable with the supervisiors of the schools. This is where the girls learn and professionalism is paramount. You should not be looked/stared at when chaging, in fact, they should not even be in the room.

Sexual? Hardly, if it is, they are in the wrong industry. Funny? I doubt it, they are more likely very nervous and considering you are getting naked for a leg wax, possibly quite scared.

So mention this to the college tutors and stop scaring the girls, put some bloody pants on!  

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