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hi mam . i m 24 yrs and my skin is normal but chin and nose is oily so i want to know which type of facial and care i should do for myself and which facial product is suits on my skin like vlcc, lotus or any other so plz help me i m very confuse.. i want my skin smooth and bright ....i m in india so plz tell me indian products plz plz plz help me????????????

Hi thanks for your question

Unfortunately, I'm not in India and don't know any of the brands you mentioned. However, having a good quality cleanser and moisturiser, and given the oilyness a toner also will be a great start. For lightening, you want something called a pigment inhibitor. It is also sometimes labelled a brightener. I love Aspect's range of inhibitor - Called "pigment punch" or Aspect Dr. "Complete Pigment Serum", Cosmedix have a turbo powered brightening system out now that has a cleanser and moisturiser included called "Lytera" all these will give fantastic results. If not available in stores close to you, maybe you can get them online?

Hope this helps


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